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Our unique advantages:

Low risk

The service uses the most advanced trading algorithms and arbitrage with minimum risk levels, based on machine learning

Stable income

ApiTrade goes through all possible exchanges to find you the most profitable deals that will make you a little but stable income on a daily basis

No sign-up or monthly fees

ApiTrade makes money from profitable trades only, charging you a percentage. There is no monthly or daily fee whatsoever. You pay only from what you make.


We do not accept and/or store your funds on our accounts. We do not have access to your funds withdrawals either.


There is 100% Money Back Guarantee within 30 day period in case you are not satisfied with services we offer

All is easy!

You dont need to set up any sort of parameters and constantly control whats going on. Just click the button and there you go, profits all the way

Client is always right!

We offer fast and easy client support via Telegram.

25 crypto-exchanges aggregation

In the near future we are going to offer trading via 25 crypto exchanges in a single window mode.

Total transparency

You can track any of the profitable trades, see exact profits and time it took to establish any of those profitable trades

A single interface for all crypto exchanges.

At this moment we have 25 crypto exchanges working with us to provide crypto prices via API interface in real time.

For auto-trading and arbitrage, there are 3 most popular exchanges added to the system. We are more than happy to add more exchanges by request, but most of them arent good enough to handle serious clientele.
Bit Z

User income is generated by thousands of instant trades throughout the day using well known algorithms.

Market conditions are changing very fast, algorithms that worked yesterday are not necessarily working the same way today. Keeping this in mind we are always working to change and improve trading strategies manually and using machine learning.

According to statistics, we can clearly see that the system does mostly profitable trades on a daily basis, such profits can be around 0.5-1% per day (not guaranteed). A 1BTC deposit rising with a rate of 0.5% per day that you hold on crypto exchange website can turn into 144BTC by the end of 2020. Despite banks and funds, ApiTrade does not hold onto your funds.

Trading methods compared

ApiTrade Manual Trading Bot Trading
Predictable daily profits Yes No No
Minimum Risk Yes No No
Zero set up and constant control Yes No No
Automated selection of trading pairs Yes No No
Arbitrage Yes No No
High Frequency Trading (HFT) Yes No No
No sign-up or monthly fees Yes No No

Answers to frequently asked questions

General questions

What are crypto currencies and why Bitcoin is going to grow higher?

Crypto currency - to this date it is the safest way to transfer funds with no limits or third parties involved.

As you may have already noticed, when you deposit hard earned money to a checking account in the bank, usually a bank starts to treat this money as if it wasn't yours any more. At any moment a bank can freeze your account, request more information in regards to your account, put a hold/stop on a requested transfer, charge you all kinds of fees without prior notice. If at any moment one bank decides that you are not entitled to have an account with them for whatever reason there is, your name will be added to a ChexSystems (nationwide specialty consumer reporting agency under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, so called BlackList) and most other existing banks will deny you an account with them. Bank can go bankrupt and there is very little chance you will get you money from FDIC. Even if you do, it's going to take forever. Fees that banks put onto merchants are often above 2.5% per each swipe you do with your card, this makes merchants lose a huge stake of their income. If you ever decide to send money overseas, banks will often ask you for some sort of paperwork a fee of at least $45 and in case the transfer is accepted by the bank it's going to take few business days for this transfer to arrive. Thus, traditional banking system has too many limitations and unfortunately there are more and more limitations are implemented each year.

Everything is different when it comes to crypto currencies: your transfer goes directly to the intended party with no third parties involved, nobody can freeze your account, your transfer can not get lost (unless you made a mistake in details of the transfer) because anybody can track it through the blockchain (public database of all transfers that can not be altered in any way). Transfers using crypto currency are almost instantaneous, very cheap and have no limitations. It is especially convenient to make transfers to people and organizations in other countries. Advantages for average Joe and businesses are obvious! Therefore, we are very confident that the crypto currency market will grow as more people start using it and appreciate its advantages (according to our research, large number of payments towards Chinese suppliers are done via crypto currencies, especially in Bitcoin, and this number is growing exponentially).

Bitcoin is the first and main crypto currency, a de facto standard, recognized throughout the world. Bitcoin is the entry point to the crypto currency market for most new users. Due to the fact that the number of issued coins is limited (21 million), and the demand for it is constantly growing, its price growth in a long run is inevitable. Of course, Bitcoin market may be losing half of its value from time to time, that is happening because the market is young and its capitalization is low. Most downfalls are triggered by high stake market players, who are looking to get more Bitcoins at a lower price by artificially creating an panic (if price would constantly go up, nobody would be willing to sell their coins), banks and governments. Whatever they do to make Bitcoin more volatile and slow the its popularity growth, it will make no sense. Such volatility makes ApiTrade make you more money in the shorter term.

Over the past year due to the technology constantly improving, Bitcoin transfers have become fast and almost free. This has a favorable effect on demand for bitcoins.

As for other crypto currencies, many of them have unique features that also increase its popularity. For example, Ethereum (ETH) supports smart-contracts, it is an entry point for all investors into ICO (new way to attract private funds) therefore its price is going to grow overtime due to an increased demand for the coin.

In General, the purpose of the service is to increase your income and save your time and effort.

With ApiTrade you can trade cryptocurrencies on all major crypto-exchanges in a single window (system will automatically select the exchange with the best price).

The best part of ApiTrade is high-speed automated trading feature and auto-arbitrage that makes you money regardless of the rise or decline of the market. This feature will allow you to have significant passive income.

You will also get an easy to track and understand crypto-portfolio monitoring service.
ApiTrade focuses on user-friendliness and simplicity. This means anyone, whether beginner or advanced, can use ApiTrade without having any prior knowledge or experience with professional trading. Instead of displaying lots of settings/parameters, we automatically tune them for automated trade based on the automatic analysis of efficiency and machine learning. You can switch off some algorithms, as well as add certain coins to blacklist (we already have a global blacklist of questionable/scammy coins in our system to ignore). Our default settings are optimal from the start and you don't have to change anything.

Our users don't have any difficulties when using the service, but some of them have difficulties when registering at each cryptocurrency exchange, buying bitcoins at each exchange, many users also have difficulties with verification process on exchanges. With this in mind, we plan to offer solutions to simplify these processes (ideally - sign up at all exchanges with a single click at ApiTrade, recharge your balance in all exchanges with a click).

In general, ApiTrade platform is for those who are looking to multiply their capital with the help of crypto-currencies. As you already know crypto-currency market is very volatile, ApiTrade will use this volatility to make you money..

Here just a few useful features ApiTrade can offer:

1) Auto trading mode and Arbitrage - may be turned on with a single click with no further adjustments required, will be automatically increasing the number of your coins in all of your accounts on the popular exchanges by high-speed trading, making thousands of small low-risk transactions. You benefit from the volatility of the crypto-market, regardless of its growth or decline.

2) Manual trading mode - trade crypto on multiple exchanges at the same time from a single browser window (no need to log into each exchange) at the best rates, ApiTrade automatically detects an exchange with the lowest prices for the asset/coin you are interested in. Our platform will automatically analyze exchange rates on 25 crypto-exchanges and find the best prices for those currencies you are interested in. It is very often that the price of a coin may differ on each exchange and this difference may be up to 4-10%.
To profit from these price differences you will need to purchase a coin on one exchange (making sure it has no withdrawal problems), send it to the other exchange (making sure that deposits for this coin are accepted), then sell a coin at a higher price.If you have this coin at both exchanges, there will be no need to transfer it between exchanges. At this moment an automated conduct for such transactions is available for three main exchanges, all other exchanges will have to be handled manually.

3) Deposit funds to any exchange (not currently offered). We understand that the most common issue most beginner crypto investors are faced with is the complexity to purchase coins, outrageous fees charged by exchanges and high risk of fraud. This is why we are working to make your life easier by offering a one-click solution to deposit funds into an exchange of your choice at lowest rates and zero risk. All deposits will be processed instantly.

We pay highest attention to security. ApiTrade is the first service to offer its clients the possibility to turn on 2-factor authorization using Telegram (which is known to be one of the most secure encrypted messengers), so it will be virtually impossible to log in to your account for anyone except you. You can also restrict access toyour account by IP address. ApiTrade platform is secured by SSL-protocol, all traffic is encrypted.

You don't have to trust us your coins - all trading is done by ApiTrade platform in your own accounts on crypto-exchanges via API interface. We don't have any of your account information including logins and passwords as well as we don't have any fund withdrawal permissions. Fund your balance at ApiTrade and we will auto-trade on your behalf, making you profits.

Working with ApiTrade

How do I get started?

To get started you need to register with the service and provide access to the API keys from the exchange of your choice (from the list of supported exchanges). We recommend that you connect at least two exchanges. For multiplying daily revenues from automated trading and arbitrage you will need to sign up at all supported exchanges. This will also help to diversify risks (even quite large exchanges periodically have problems).

We recommend that you create separate accounts on exchanges specifically for using with the ApiTrade service (we don't recommend to perform trades in these account using other services or manually, because it can lead to errors). Always use different passwords in each exchange and enable 2FA Auth for security purposes.

We recommend that you start with major exchanges, where sign up process is simple and verification is fast: Binance and Huobi.pro

After you connect exchanges and transfer some coins to your accounts in those exchanges, you can enable auto trade function and arbitrage in order to increase your deposit in exchanges on a daily basis.
ApiTrade platform uses some of the well known low-risk strategies that are described in the interface. Platform will automatically identify price differences within many exchanges, that happen almost every second, and trade on your behalf. The higher the volatility - the more you profit!

Automatically executing huge number of transactions, ApiTrade makes you on average 0.01-0.5% profit (this includes fees charged by exchanges). In 24 hour period your initial deposit may be growing by 0.5-3%, in the moments of high volatility this number may be even greater (sometimes even reaching 20%).

Financial questions

Is this a Ponzi scheme?

Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation where the operator generates returns for older investors through revenue paid by new investors.

ApiTrade will never:

1) fund accounts on any exchanges - you fund your own accounts

2) hold your coins - all coins will always belong to you and we don't have any access to put any kinds of holds onto them. All we do is accesing your account via API interface in order to conduct trading on your behalf delivering stable profits.

3) send out any payments - there is no way to receive funds from ApiTrade, period.

ApiTrade gets paid only when profitable trades are executed on your account, therefore it is in our best interest that you make profits.

ApiTrade platform is designed to easily handle 5 million active users. In the event of an extreme fall of all crypto currency pairs, our platform will continue to work hard on making you money. As a result of increased volatility profits will only be increasing. Hypothetically thinking, even if ApiTrade would ever become ineffective or even shut down its services, you will not be losing anything but future profits.

Important: you will need to fund you ApiTrade balance only to cover profitable trades. We do not transfer  any of the received funds to exchanges. You will need to fund your accounts on exchanges on your own. In case you are unfamiliar with how to purchase crypto currencies, please create a support ticket within your ApiTrade account and we will be more than happy to provide you with an advice.

ApiTrade accepts credit/debit cards and bank wires (contact support for wire transfers).

In order to diversify risks and increase revenues, we recommend registering at the maximum number of supported exchanges. Any, even the largest exchange, can be hacked, so you should never keep "all eggs in one basket." If your funds are distributed though many different exchanges, in case one exchange is hacked it will not seriously damage your budget and losses will be compensated by profits from trades on other exchanges in a very short time.

You should also keep in mind that using a larger number of exchanges increases your income: there are different trading pairs on each exchange, therefore there is a higher probability of profitable trades and arbitrage.

At the moment auto-trading mode and arbitrage are supported for the following exchanges: Binance, Huobi and Kucoin. These are the most popular and fastest growing exchanges tested by millions of users.

There is no monthly fees or commissions for crypto trading that you do manually through ApiTrade, this option is totally free of charge.

We make money only when you turn on the auto-trading and arbitration feature. ApiTrade gets no more than 50% of all profits generated from trades on your account at the crypto currency exchange. You pay ApiTrade after you profit, not before!

Our platform does tens of thousands of trades per minute that result in tiny profits. In the end of the day all those tiny bits of profits add up into a large amount that can sometimes reach 10% of the initial investment.

ApiTrade's main rule is to never lose money!

We will never place stop-loss orders. We will never execute losing sell orders.

Our arbitrage algorythms involve instant transactions. Platform will increase the number of initially deposited coins over time.

Our arbitrage algorithms are set up to execute market orders only. ApiTrade will constantly increase the number of initially deposited coins. Very low percentage of all trades executed at the market price will be negative due to delays in order executions coming from exchanges, but our reseearch indicates that such trades are most likely to hapen very rare.

Our WAVES algorithm, is using the volatility within a single trading pair and exchange. When this algo is set to "ON", ApiTrade will be buying a coin when everyone is selling at the lowest price possible, and sell the coin at the highest possible price, when everyone is loading up. In case coin price falls then ApiTrade:

1) will be buying more of this coin as its price goes lower (using a dynamic martingale, that changes according to the price falling speed), so that the average purchase price is lower.

2) will lower profit expectations if needed so that the final trade completes faster.

3) may use this coin for arbitrage, echanging it onto other coins back and forth so that the number of the given coin is increasing over time.

The logic behind ApiTrade is that coin should be working to make you profits, no matter small or large.

In case you decide to get rid of the coin, you may go ahead and sell it manually at a loss, but we do not recommend doing so. Crypto market is very volatile, therefore a price for each coin may go up at any time.

To increase profits from auto trading without changing any parameters (most of them are automatically set up and don't need any changes) you can:

1) Add more supported exchanges, in this case the probability to locate better prices is higher

2) Add more funds to each exchange. It is often that you don't have enough funds on an exchange to do trading, so you may be missing the chance to profit. In order to do trading on some of the most profitable algorithms, large deposits are required.

3) Diversify your deposits. Get more coins that have the most trading pairs, such as BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB (Binance Coin) to increase the possibility for arbitrage. However, there is a depreciation risk for the currency in which you hold funds. ApiTrade is not responsible for such actions, therefore you should be carefully considering all pros and cons of any coin your are transferring your funds into. ApiTrade will use your initial deposit to generate profits, initial distribution of the deposit is on you.

4) Fund your ApiTrade balance. We recommend you fund the balance by 5-10% of all combined deposits you hold at each exchange. In case your balance is low, ApiTrade may be disregarding some trades that you could potentially profit from.

5) Lower exchange rates. Some exchanges we work with (Binance, Huobi, Kucoin), offer large discounts on trading fees (up to 50%). These discounts may be saving you thousands of dollars in fees. Please make sure you read through all the rules provided by each exchange and use the information at your own advantage.

You can also add some coins to the black list so that they are no longer trading, or turn off specific algorithms (strategies) that you think are not profitable enough in current market condition.

With respect to all users we can not guarantee specific profits because it would not be fair. Market conditions are changing very fast, algorithms that worked yesterday are not necessarily working the same way today. Keeping this in mind we are always working to change and improve trading strategies manually and using machine learning.

What we do guarantee is that we will do our best to adapt our software to the changes that occur in a timely matter and to constantly improve our algorithms to achieve the maximum possible result according to the wishes of our users. According to statistics, we can clearly see that the system does mostly profitable trades on a daily basis, such profits are around 0.5% - 3% per day! Users that add maximum possible number of exchanges and deposit enough funds may see even higher profit percentage.

We do not limit our users to specific amounts at their accounts in crypto exchanges, but exchanges themselves have different trading requirements and therefore, we recommend to have at least $1000 worth of coins at each exchange to get the best effect from doing business with ApiTrade. With lower deposits most of our strategies simply won't be used because there won't be enough funds for it to work.

As for the maximum deposit we limit it at 1 BTC per each exchange. ApiTrade will not use anything above 1 BTC for trading. We are aware of whales who hold 1,000-10,000 Bitcoins and looking to profit from these amounts, but at the moment it is more important for us to get the most feedback possible from average investors and for a community to improve the efficiency and profitability of the service. We are looking to get at least 5 million new member to use our service in the first year, therefore we can not accept deposits of large amounts because at some point the capacity of the market may not be enough.

However, we do not limit our user deposits within the ApiTrade service that are used to cover profitable trades. We will be more than happy to provide discounts when you fund your ApiTrade balace by $5,000 or more (contact support).

You can blacklist most coins and only hold deposits in USDT (USD Tether - a USD equivalent) or in USD (in case exchange allowes such deposits). ApiTrade will do trading solely for the purpose of accumulating your dollar deposit. However, we recommend to have deposits in other valuable crypto currencies (BTC, ETH) because its trading pairs are more likely to profit faster due to more opportunities for arbitrage. In addition, there is a long-term trend towards annual growth in the value of the crypto currency, despite temporary down trends due to the market being very young.

Please be aware that even though USDT is a crypto currency that belongs to one of the biggest crypto exchanges Bitfinex, that makes millions of dollars a day in commissions, it is not a real USD and has its risks, although, in our opinion, very low. We also recommend paying attention to the DGD coin that is tied to Gold, because there is also a risk for USD to collapse. 

We use ApiTrade ourselves to conduct trading and generate profits, but the market volume, the number of exchanges, volatility and the frequency of favorable conditions for trading are such that by providing this service to thousands of users, we will eventually earn more. We make money from every profitable transaction of yours. Over time, the efficiency of current algorithms will decrease, but new ones will be implemented. We expect that feedback from our user base will help us make the service more efficient.

About exchanges

What exchanges do you work with?

For auto-trading and arbitrage modes, ApiTrade offers following crypto exchanges: Binance, Huobi & Kucoin, more exchanges will be added soon.

We are also working with the below listed exchanges via API interface to deliver you an "Arbitrage possibilities" feature, that can be used absolutely free of charge to manually identify and exploit the price differences of similar coin on different exchanges:

https://yobit.io (используйте особенно осторожно!)

We are working to add more exchanges to this list. This is not a recommendation of any kind, listed exchanges are third-party organizations that have nothing to do with our company, we are not responsible for any problems that may arise if you trust them your funds. However, if you diversify your coin portfolio among larger number of crypto exchanges, it will significantly reduce risks of losing coins/funds due to possible shut downs and hacks.

As an example, let's take a look at three popular exchanges currently working with ApiTrade:

1) Binance: In the user interface go to "Account" and click the "API Settings" button. Enter any name in the provided field and hit the "Create New Key" button. Copy API Key + Secret and paste it into your ApiTrade account when asked to do so. Make sure trading is enabled for the API-Key you are using with ApiTrade service, click the "Save" button and you are ready to go.

2) Huobi: In the user interface point your mouse coursor onto your login credentials and click "API Management" menu. Enter any name in the provided field and hit the "Create". Copy API Key + Secret and paste it into your ApiTrade account. API-Key will expire in 3 months from the date it was created, don't forget to create new key once the old one is expired. Click the "Confirm" button. Also, make sure you have enabled 2-Factor Authentication in the "Account and security" sertion of your Huobi account for security purposes.

3) Kucoin: In the user interface go to "Account" and click the "API Keys" button. Hit the "Create" button. Copy API Key + Secret and paste it into your ApiTrade account and you are all set to go. Important: at this moment Kukoin allowes coin withdrawal via API and there is no way to set limitations on that. Therefore, we do not recommend using Kukoin's API with any kind of services out there for security reasons.

Differences from analogs and bots

Possible problems and risks

Affiliate Program

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